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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hollow Pleasures

'Why do dealers have to meet at the scariest parts of town in the middle of the night?' Daniel Blaze wondered aloud.

Not receiving an answer, he headed down a darkened alley towards the rendezvous point, footsteps echoing around him with each footfall. It was around 2AM and every nerve in his body was twitching with fear.

Only a few nights ago, a pimp and his prostitute were found dead a few blocks away. The pimp's head had been blown off, while the prostitute had been covered in gasoline and burned. Normally Daniel would have figured it was a normal dispute over money or a rival pimp taking out the competition. Except every pimp in town was now terrified and no one was taking responsibility. Not too mention that pimps usually shot their enemies since it was more convenient and less timely.

A few nights ago had to be the work of a certified whack job.

As Daniel neared the end of the alleyway, a dark figured stepped from the shadows a few feet in front of him, nearly stopping his heart.

'Do you have the cash?' a voice with a British accent asked.

It was Daniel's dealer.

'Shit man, you nearly gave me a heart attack!' Daniel cried.

'It's not my fault you're afraid of the boogeyman. Now do you have the cash?' the dealer asked impatiently.

'Yeah I've got it, I've got it. So I take it you're not worried about the psycho who killed that pimp and his bitch a few nights ago?'

'Why should I be afraid of myself?'

'Excuse me?' Daniel fumbled in his pocket with the cash as he looked at the figure.

'I killed them. They bought some dope off me a few weeks ago and didn't pay me. Had to send a message.'

'But why haven't you taken credit for it?' Daniel asked, finally managing to get the cash out.

'I figure I'll let everyone sweat for a bit, then I'll step in, take the credit, and explain why. This way it kind of has people afraid to go out at night and might keep my enemies away for a bit.'

'I guess that makes sense, although you're a sick bastard, you know that?'

'You're both sick bastards in my opinion,' replied an emotionless voice.

Daniel froze and felt his blood freeze inside his veins.

'Who the hell's there?' the dealer cried.

A figure dropped into the alleyway from a fire escape and landed a few feet behind Daniel with a soft thud.

'I'm Michael.'

Daniel felt his bladder release as he spun around and staggered back beside the dealer. As he did, the moon suddenly came out from behind a few clouds and illuminated the alleyway.

Standing before them was a man dressed in a tight black shirt and blue jeans under a black jacket with clips of ammunition around his waist. Long shoulder length black hair framed the man's thin face. Moonlight reflected from a silver cross necklace hanging around his neck.

Before Daniel or the dealer could respond, Michael drew a silver custom Jericho 941 F dual action handgun and aimed it at the dealer.

'Let the lying lips be put to silence. Psalms thirty one-eighteen. I killed the pimp and his whore,' Michael said softly.

Daniel's mouth dropped open, 'You...killed? Why?'

'They were sinners. He was selling her and she was tarnishing her body which is the temple of God. I had to burn the tarnish off.'

Daniel opened his mouth to reply, but the dealer cut him off.

'You're a loon! Ya hear me you sun of a bitch!'

Daniel watched in terror as the dealer reached under his shirt and brought out a handgun, aiming it at Michael. Pulling the trigger quickly, the dealer laughed as he fired three shots in Michael's direction.

Michael merely stood still as the bullets whizzed by him.

'What the hell are you?' the dealer cried.

Without responding, Michael fired a single shot that landed right between the dealer's eyes.

'What a shame...He was only a child,' Michael said softly, his eyes on the dealer.

Daniel looked down at the motionless body and saw that Michael was right. The kid barely looked to be 19 years old.

Daniel watched as Michael crossed himself and muttered a few words under his breath. Realizing that this was his chance, he spun around and hurled himself through the alleyway as fast as his legs could carry him. As he exited the alley, he turned down the road, ducked through a few yards, and went through a few more alleys.

After a few minutes, he finally stopped and listened hard. Nothing.

Softly, he sighed and sunk to the ground, bringing his knees to his chest.

'Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? First Corinthians six-nineteen.'

Daniel's heart stopped as he looked up. Standing before him was Michael, his face covered in shadows.

Swiftly, Michael walked over to Daniel, pulled something out of his jacket, and crouched down, his blue eyes looking directly into Daniel's hazel ones.

'What are you going to-' Daniel began.

However, Michael's hand flew through the air and Daniel felt something stab his neck. Before he could react, Michael tossed whatever was in his hand aside and stabbed him again. After a second, he withdrew his hand again. But this time he allowed Daniel to see what he held. A syringe.

'Since you wanted the heroin so bad, I overdosed you on it. Let's hope it can numb the pain the flames of hell cause,' Michael said coldly.

Daniel watched as Michael stood up and tossed the last syringe away, his vision blurring as the drug took effect.

Without sound, Michael began walking into the distance and pulled out a cigarette. Carefully he put it between his lips and lit it before disappearing into the distance, leaving Daniel alone.

'Wait,' Daniel choked out as he slumped sideways.

However, no one replied and the darkness closed in around him.

©Copyright 2008 by Travis Brantner

This is the first story I've written specifically for this blog, and I really like it. It's based on a character I created back in Advanced Fiction. I never actually used the story I wrote with Michael in Adv. Fiction because some personal stuff came up and I turned in another story, but I fell in love with the character. It doesn't say so in this story, but Michael's a priest, and for some reason the thought of a priest that swears, smokes, and punishes sinners amuses me. I don't mean anything sacreligious by it, just it seems pretty awesome in my mind. The swearing and smoking make him human. Anyway, this is also going on my deviantArt and Tokyopop pages. If you want to see more Michael, let me know. Maybe I'll post a full story about him since this is pretty much microfiction.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Through the Observation Tank

He has his face in mine again making me want to scratch his eyes out. It’s not that I hate the kid. I mean he does take care of me after all, but does he have to pick me up and shove his face into mine like he’s ready to make out with me or something? It’s kind of creepy.

Instead I just stare back, keeping my guard up just in case he tries a little Fabio magic, and pretend I don’t care. After a few seconds he puts me back in my little tank, but still watches me, leaving the lid off my tank, as if mocking me since he knows I won’t be able to get out.

I stand still for a few seconds, not wanting to amuse him at all. I mean if the bastard is going to keep me in a glass tank, does he really deserve the pleasure of watching me do some awesome stuff like…like…some of the many awesome things I do. Stuff so awesome in fact, I can’t think of it right now, but I swear to you, it exists.

Why couldn’t God have made me a turtle? At least then if I didn’t like someone I could just pull inside my shell or even bust out some badass ninja moves. And why is it turtles get to be natural ninjas? Although there are times I wonder if everything on TV is true or not since in a tank not too far from mine, a turtle, named Hobgoblin, lives and he doesn’t seem to do much in terms of action. But I know he has to be a ninja considering stuff happens throughout the day and despite the fact I don’t see him doing it, it has to be him. Ninja quickness and all.

But that doesn’t explain why I’m not a ninja master. The TV must have lied during that part. Maybe in reality rabbits are natural ninja masters and teach the turtles, but because they aren’t so photogenic they decided to use a rat. Besides, who was ever afraid of a little bunny rabbit, ninja powers or not? But a rat? Damn straight! We’ll gnaw your face off. But I digress.

Watching the kid, whose name is Shakira or something (I’m guessing since he keeps singing it out loud when he picks me up sometimes), I run towards my wheel. Leaping into the air, I try to execute a little kick, to intimidate the kid, only to smash stomach first into the edge of it, knocking the wind out of myself.

‘Ah cheese!’ I yell.

Shakira finds this funny and laughs; which makes me want to gnaw his eyes out even more than before, but considering I’m stuck in the cage, I settle for muttering a few words and shaking my fist at him.

He ignores my fist and walks away, still chuckling to himself as I rub my aching stomach. One of these days, I’ll show that kid who’s really the boss around here. Except that day isn’t today. Instead, I smell something that catches me off guard. Something different and strangely familiar at the same time.

I carefully survey the area, intent on finding the source when I see it. Another rat. Except this one isn’t in a tank and looks kind of scary. And lucky me, he’s staring right at me from the top of a nearby window sill.

I open my mouth to call out to him, maybe ask his help in taking care of Shakira, but before the words can come out, he’s in the air and I feel his body slam into mine.

‘Hey what was—‘I begin, but I suddenly realize he is actually a she.

Quickly, I regain my composure, look up into her eyes, flash my biggest smile and say, ‘hey there baby.’

©Copyright 2008 by Travis Brantner

Friday, June 27, 2008


‘Dude, what’s wrong?’


‘What’s wrong? You’ve been acting strange since yesterday. Even the Goth kid in 7th period is happier than you.’

Dan was looking at me, his brown eyes curious.

I looked at him for a second before replying, ‘People change.’

‘Yeah but normally it takes months or years to change. You changed like Clark Kent into Superman.’

‘Yeah well maybe I have my reasons!’ I shot back.

Before he could reply, I brushed passed him, pissed that someone would even ask such a question. It was none of his business. He just wouldn’t understand.

I continued walking until I was out of Dan’s sight, leaned against a nearby tree, and slumped to the ground. A sigh escaped my lips.

He was right though. I used to be happier.

I can remember the first day I came across it and the joy and warmth that filled me. I was always happy before, but finding it made me feel special and gave my life purpose. It made me elite.

It’s not everyday a kid finds a potato chip shaped like Jesus. If that’s not a message from God, then I don’t know what is.

It was like God was saying ‘Nathaniel, sorry for your mundane, shitty life of not getting girls! Here’s your very own Jesus potato chip!’

I was ecstatic.

For the next month and a half, that chip and I went everywhere. To school. To sporting events. Even to the grocery store (although we avoided the free potato chip samples since it’d be cruel for J.C to see his friends eaten.)

We were inseparable and I had my very own personal Jesus.

I casually pulled away from my thoughts, stood up, and began walking. Maybe I was over reacting. Dan was just trying to be a good friend. And it wasn’t mom’s fault that she’d stepped on J.C yesterday. That he’d shattered into little pieces and crumbs. Besides, I’d managed to get all the pieces, and despite the fact I couldn’t put them together again, maybe God was telling me to leave it in his hands.

I stopped at a patch of recently dug up earth and gazed at it.

‘Its ok buddy, only two more days and I know you’ll rise again.’

I crossed myself and walked away.

©Copyright 2008 by Travis Brantner

Monday, April 14, 2008



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